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Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro


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The Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro plugin adds a digital Wallet to your eCommerce store. Customers can purchase your products & services using their WooCommerce Wallet balance. With this WooCommerce Customer Credit plugin, you can add or remove funds from customers’ Wallets in bulk, view & download the transaction history, and send email notifications to customers.

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Introduce Wallet System Wallet System:

Product Video For WooCommerce Nulled Free Download

The Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro plugin adds a digital Wallet to your eCommerce store. Customers can purchase your products & services using their WooCommerce Wallet balance. With this WooCommerce Customer Credit plugin, you can add or remove funds from customers’ Wallets in bulk, view & download the transaction history, and send email notifications to customers.

Main feature Wallet System:

Wallet Reports For Individual Users:
Gain insights into individual users’ wallet activity with detailed reports, showcasing credit, debit, and current balances in an interactive bar chart format. Filter data by specific dates for tailored analysis.

WooCommerce Payment Gateway Restriction For Wallet Recharge:
Enhance security and flexibility by restricting specific payment gateways for wallet recharge, addressing various scenarios and preferences with ease.

Allow Tax-Free Wallet Recharge:
Enable tax-free wallet recharge, offering customers a seamless top-up experience without additional charges typically associated with conventional orders.

Offer Wallet Credit on Favorable Actions and Referrals:
Incentivize user engagement and referrals by rewarding actions such as daily visits, signups, product reviews, and friend referrals with wallet credit, fostering stronger customer loyalty.

Wallet Top-up Subscription:
Facilitate automated wallet recharge with subscription plans, allowing users to choose between regular top-ups or scheduled intervals for added convenience and flexibility.

Add or Remove Digital Wallet Balance:
Efficiently manage wallet balances by recharging or deducting funds in bulk or individually, specifying transaction reasons and setting maximum and minimum limits as needed.

Digital Wallet Cashback:
Drive wallet usage by offering cashback rewards directly into users’ wallets, based on cart-wise or category-wise rules, further incentivizing purchases and loyalty.

Wallet Coupon Plugin:
Empower users with wallet coupons for added savings, allowing creation with usage limits per user and seamless redemption to boost wallet balance.

Wallet Amount Widget:
Enhance user experience by displaying wallet balances in a convenient widget upon login, providing users with easy access to their balance status and prompting recharge when needed.

Wallet User Invite:
Encourage wallet adoption by enabling users to invite others to join the system, with the option to send invitation emails if transferring funds to non-existing accounts.

Wallet Amount Withdrawal:
Provide flexibility for users to withdraw wallet balances to their preferred payment methods, with the ability to submit withdrawal requests and share payment details for seamless transactions.

Generate Wallet QR Codes:
Simplify transactions with wallet QR codes, allowing users to recharge or transfer funds by scanning codes, promoting easy sharing and transactions between users.

Displays Email Addresses of the Debtor and Creditor:
Enhance transparency with detailed transaction records, including email addresses of both the creditor and debtor for each transaction type.

Customize Your Wallet Rechargeable Product:
Tailor the wallet recharge product to align with your branding and customer expectations, ensuring consistency and clarity across your store.

Auto Order Complete:
Streamline post-checkout processes by enabling automatic order completion for purchases made through the wallet system, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

Restrict Wallet Users:
Control wallet features selectively or in bulk, restricting access to QR code generation, referral programs, transaction history, and more based on user preferences and policies.

Add Maximum & Minimum Limits for Wallet Withdrawal and Transfer:
Maintain control over wallet transactions by setting maximum and minimum limits for withdrawal requests and fund transfers, ensuring compliance and user safety.

Show Checkout Fields During Wallet Top-Up:
Optimize wallet recharge orders by displaying checkout fields for user input, facilitating a seamless and familiar transaction process for users.

Download the Wallet Transaction History:
Access and manage wallet transactions efficiently with downloadable transaction history in various formats, enabling easy tracking and record-keeping.

Hide or Show Cashback Message:
Tailor user experience by choosing to display or hide congratulatory cashback messages upon receiving rewards, providing a customizable shopping journey.

Customize Wallet Restriction Message:
Personalize notifications for restricted wallet users, choosing to display or hide restriction messages and customizing content as needed.

Limit WooCommerce Payment Gateways for Cashback Rewards:
Control cashback reward eligibility by restricting specific payment gateways, ensuring consistency and alignment with reward program objectives.

Show or Hide Cashback Reward Messages:
Tailor messaging by choosing to display or hide cashback reward messages during checkout, optimizing user engagement and communication.

Key Notifications for Users:
Keep users informed with key email notifications regarding wallet activity, credits, and deductions, ensuring transparency and user satisfaction.

Charge Fees for Wallet Transfer And Withdrawal Requests:
Monetize wallet transactions by setting and charging fees for fund transfers and withdrawal requests, offering additional revenue streams and financial flexibility.

Partial Refund To Wallet:
Facilitate refunds by offering partial refunds directly to users’ wallets, ensuring seamless resolution of order-related issues and maintaining user trust.

Selective Bulk Recharge:
Reward specific users with bulk wallet credits, facilitating targeted incentives and promotions for loyal customers.

Show Offers to Customers:
Promote offers and deals to wallet users with customizable messages, enhancing engagement and driving sales with targeted promotions.

Wallet Quick Recharge Options for Users:
Simplify wallet recharge with quick recharge buttons, enabling users to replenish their wallets in a single click for added convenience.

WooCommerce Wallet Shortcode:
Enhance visibility and accessibility of the wallet feature with a dedicated shortcode for easy placement anywhere in your store.

Import Wallet Balance from CSV File:
Efficiently manage wallet balances by importing and editing user balances via CSV files, streamlining administration and updates.

Select Partial Payment:
Offer flexibility with partial payments, allowing users to utilize their wallet balance for partial payments, facilitating smoother transactions.

Negative Wallet Amount Support:
Enable seamless shopping experiences by supporting negative wallet balances, allowing users to complete purchases even when funds are insufficient.

Limit on Negative amount:
Maintain control over negative balances by setting maximum thresholds, ensuring responsible use of wallet funds.

Charge Interest on Negative Wallet Balances:
Monetize negative balances by charging interest, providing additional revenue opportunities while incentivizing timely wallet top-ups.

Set Condition to Avail Negative Balance In Account:
Regulate access to negative balances by establishing conditions for eligibility, ensuring responsible usage and financial management.

Create Manual Orders With Wallet Payment:
Empower administrators with the ability to create manual orders using wallet payment, providing flexibility and control over order processing.


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