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WP DataTables – Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

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wpDataTables is a WordPress Tables and Charts manager. This WordPress table plugin is designed to make the process of data representation and interaction quick, easy, and effective. wpDataTables allows you to quickly build and insert interactive tables and charts in any of your WordPress posts or pages with such features as multi-criteria filtering, sorting, or export to PDF. Tables can be created from virtually any data source, including MySQL query, Google Spreadsheet, PHP array, Excel file, CSV file, JSON, and XML input sources. You can also generate MySQL queries to WordPress database, or to any MySQL database without any knowledge of SQL at all! And if you like you can create the tables and charts without any predefined source files from the WordPress back-end or create very Simple WordPress tables.

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Introduce WP DataTables:

wpDataTables is a powerful responsive Tables, Spreadsheets and Charts Data Manager in a form of a WordPress Plugin.

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WP DataTables Nulled Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress Free Download

Feature WP DataTables:

1. Responsive Design

Responsiveness is a feature that allows your website to present differently on different devices depending upon the size that is used to view it. With wpDataTables you don’t need to worry about the responsiveness of your website no matter which data source do you use – MySQL, Excel, or any other. You can also choose which columns you want to be hidden or visible on tables or mobiles. The users can see the hidden data tables in the dropdown.

2. Conditional Formatting

When you are handling a vast number of numeric data, it becomes difficult to manage and estimate the number of cells with the values you are looking for. This feature allows you to apply formats to a cell or range of cells, and have that formatting change depending on the value of the cell or the value of a formula. For example, you can have a cell appear bold only when the value of the cell is greater than 100 in addition to letting you add or remove CSS classes to the cell.

3. Multi-criteria filtering

wpDataTables lets you enable frontend table users to modify the data in the tables by the values of each column. For example, if you want to get records where the price is between two values. You can filter by several columns at once, building complicated queries like: “Get all the rows where the price is between 1000 and 5000 and the starting date is between 01/01/2014 and 01/03/2015, and the country is either Australia or UK

To enable the Advanced filtering, all you need to do is tick the “Advanced filtering” option in the “Additional Setting” tab.

4. Multiple Separate DB Connections

With this feature, you can add more than one database connection. Every table can have a separate connection of databases and the and can pull data from multiple servers. There are separate database connections for MySQL, MS SQL and PostgreSQL databases.

5. Pre-filtering tables through URL

wpdata tables provides you a special URL key if you would like to open a table with a pre-filtered specific value.

You can use the key ?wdt_search=filtervalue. “Filtervalue” is the value you provide in the filtering field. This will pre-filter your table via global search.

6. Calculating totals for columns

This feature is useful when you want to calculate an average, minimum, or maximum value. For example, if you want to calculate the total number of sales per month you can just filter your data according to the date range. Then go to the column settings and enable the calculate total box for the selected column.

7. Tables Layout

wpDataTables allows you to modify the layout of the tables. You may need a table with narrow columns and more width or fewer columns with a lengthy cell. Just enable the Limit table width switch in the “Display” tab on the table settings page to limit the width of the table.

8. Server-side processing (Lazy Loading)

Server-side processing happens when the data interaction options are not done by the visitor but by the MySQL server on your site. It provides fast data processing when you want to sort the entire table.


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